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Pupils from Gleniffer High School show their support for #ChooseRespect - Copy.jpeg

ChooseRespect roadshow visits Gleniffer High School in Paisley

The campaign has been live for almost two months now and we are delighted to see how it has acted as a platform to facilitate the ongoing work schools and other youth organisations are doing to address bullying and promote respect.
We recently met with a group of students at Gleniffer High School in Paisley who are helping implement the school’s anti-bullying initiatives.

Gleniffer is currently developing its new anti-bullying policy in line with the local authority’s approach, and is working to develop a vision, values and aims. The school’s ethos is very much centred on respect, making the #ChooseRespect campaign learnings valuable in informing the school’s strategy.

During the visit, we also spent time with Gemma Denny, the school’s principal teacher of pastoral support, who shared some of the recent work carried out at Gleniffer to make the learning environment a positive, inclusive place for all.

Gemma said: “A variety of events were organised by our S6 House Captains and Pastoral team, which included the whole school pledging to #ChooseRespect through a variety of different posters, wearing blue, face-painting, hair braiding and a visit from “The Hara” Band.

“We were exceptionally lucky to have respectme come into our school to take in the atmosphere and leave Gleniffer’d. All of the activities reinforced the #ChooseRespect campaign. This provided us with the opportunity to explore the meaning of respect – not only for others but also for themselves.

“We look forward to working with respectme in the future by embarking on the next phases on the #ChooseRespect campaign, including Celebrating Difference, Building Empathy and Positive Relationships.”

Well done to Gleniffer High School for supporting the campaign and joining over 650 pledges nationwide united in addressing bullying behaviour at its source.

You can sign up to the campaign at any time here.

Pupils from Lawthorn Primary School sign the pledge.jpeg

Lawthorn Primary gets behind #ChooseRespect!

As part of our Scottish anti-bullying roadshow, we were welcomed to Lawthorn Primary School in Irvine by pupils and staff to take part in a discussion with children about this year’s campaign. As November focused around the theme of self-reflection, the children were encouraged to think about their behaviour towards others, as well as the principles of right and wrong when it comes to building positive, respectful relationships.

This learning will be built upon over the course of the school year as the campaign reaches the next three stages, ultimately equipping young people with the tools they need to build positive relationships.

The children really got behind the campaign, and shared their ideas on why respect is important, why we shouldn’t bully and what the #ChooseRespect campaign means to them. Carissa Hyndman, depute head teacher of Lawthorn Primary, said: “At Lawthorn we are fostering positive relationships through respect, inclusion and kindness within our school community.

“We have been teaching the children about anti-bullying during Health and Wellbeing class lessons and at assemblies using the #ChooseRespect journey. We have pledged to support the #ChooseRespect campaign as we strive to raise awareness of anti-bullying and teach children the importance of speaking out.” At the heart of this year’s campaign is equipping teachers, youth group leaders and sports coaches with the teaching materials necessary to enable young people to build on their understanding of respect, ultimately encouraging them to foster positive relationships with those around them.

As we approach different stages of the campaign, we’ll be releasing new materials that will help spark the conversations that could help change the direction of young people’s lives by proactively helping them to understand the potential impact of the decisions that they make.

The campaign would not be successful without the support of schools such as Lawthorn Primary – and it’s fascinating to see how the materials are being used in different settings and how different schools and youth groups are adapting the workshops. Well done to everyone involved. If you’d like to sign up – it’s not too late! You can join the campaign at any stage and we’d be happy to support you on your anti-bullying journey. Sign up today.

Senior pupils from Dalkeith High School deliver the Respectme training.jpeg

How one Midlothian school is supporting #ChooseRespect

Pupils from Dalkeith High School are taking the lead in a bid to address bullying after hosting the respectme team in class, where they delivered specially designed workshops as part of the #ChooseRespect campaign.

The school is really passionate about the campaign, with the ethos of choosing respect resonating with the team responsible for delivering the school’s anti-bullying work. Gail Preston, Depute Head Teacher of Dalkeith High School said: “One thing I'm really passionate about in school is building positive relationships across the school community –developing this is my over-arching purpose across everything I do in leading pupil support.

“The right relationships lead to positive mental health, increased engagement and, ultimately, higher attainment. Respect is at the heart of positive relationships but it's important to really unpick what we mean by that term. Respect isn't something you earn, it should be an unconditional part of what it is to be human.

“The simplicity of the campaign really appealed to us. I often reflect with my young people that we don't all have to be friends, we don't all have to like each other, but we do all have to share the same space respectfully.”

As part of their anti-bullying work, the school is supporting a group of peer supporters from senior years to deliver important anti-bullying messages to younger year groups. This approach acknowledges the value and benefits that peer to peer conversations and learning can bring.
This an example of fantastic work from Dalkeith High School that they hope will have a lasting effect on the entire school community.

As each of the remaining phases of the campaign are launched (Celebrating Difference - January, Building Empathy - March, Positive Relationships - May), there will be a suite of free assets available to download throughout You can join the #ChooseRespect community at any time! Sign up here. .