Raigmore primary: a case study

This year our #ChooseRespect campaign spans the entire academic year, ending in June 2019. We will soon be moving onto the second stage, Celebrating Difference.

Before the end of last year, we were invited to attend workshops taking place at Raigmore Primary School in Inverness, where pupils and staff are helping to address bullying by taking part in our specially designed workshops.

The workshops were built around the first stage of the campaign, ‘Self-Reflection’, and helped pupils explore their own background, experiences and identity.

The aim of the #ChooseRespect workshop is to ensure that young people in Scotland have the tools that they need to build positive relationships throughout their school career and into adulthood. During our visit, we spoke with Autumn Macaulay, head teacher of Raigmore Primary.

She said: “One of our school principals is ‘Respect’ and we are continually promoting this throughout Raigmore Primary. These workshops help us to reinforce the importance of building positive relationships through mutual respect and understanding of one another.”

The school has taken the pledge to Choose Respect, and will kept up-to-date with new learning resources each time a new stage of the campaign is launched.

Our materials help to start proactive and beneficial conversations in schools across the country, prompting improved understanding among young people’s about the impact of the decisions they make on others. Currently, over 700 schools, youth groups and clubs from across Scotland have pledged to support the campaign, and we are encouraging even more to sign up and help get the whole of Scotland to choose respect.

Don’t forget you can sign up to join the campaign at any time here.