Stage 4: Positive Relationships


Welcome to the fourth and final stage of the respectme #ChooseRespect journey

Positive relationships’ posters and other social media assets are now available for download. Download your resources in four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 to display them somewhere prominent, your classroom, entrance hall, recreational hall - somewhere people will see them!



This final stage of the #ChooseRespect journey brings together learning from our previous stages. By reflecting on who we each are, understanding and accepting difference, and building empathy for others, we can develop positive and respectful relationships which make it difficult for bullying to take place.

We know that children and young people, like adults, won’t necessarily like or get on with everyone they meet. Positive relationships don’t necessarily mean being friends with everyone; it’s about the adults in children and young people’s lives helping them to make positive choices in the way they interact with others – whether they are considered to be ‘friends’ or not.


Falling in and out with each other is a normal part of growing up for children and young people. By supporting young people to develop the life skills they need to navigate relationships in a positive way, we can help to minimise the impact of negative behaviours. Respecting someone they don’t get along with can be as easy as just leaving them alone – it’s possible to dislike someone respectfully.

Where positive relationships are promoted, it’s more difficult for bullying to happen; and the development of positive relationships are key to preventing bullying behaviours.


How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Throughout the year we’ve been scouring Scotland for resources that can be used to help the adults in young people’s lives explore positive relationships. The ones we’ve collated have been designed to help you spark conversation and inspire action among children and young people in your setting.

*Note these resources have not been developed by respectme and we are not responsible for their content. This is not exhaustive list but a snapshop of some of the resources available – get in touch if you have something you’d like to us to add to it.

The resources we link to below may help you explore practical exercises and discussion topics to help children and young people to understand the qualities needed to develop positive relationships with others. They may help children and young people to see how respect for all benefits us all and can help make Scotland the best place to grow up!

It’s recommended that practitioners complete the first three stages of the campaign before embarking on the Positive Relationships stage.

Organisation Theme Age Group Type
Respectme Respectful relationships All learners Activity and resource pack
Respectme Responding to bullying All learners Video & activity pack
Education Scotland Equality & Inclusion All learners Assembly script
Education Scotland based on book by Marcus Pfister, The Rainbow Fish Sharing & friendship Nursery to P1 learners Activity & resource pack
TedEd Prejudice & online behaviour Secondary aged learners Video & discussion prompts
Equality and Human Rights Commission Prejudice and human rights Primary and secondary Activity & resource pack

Improvement Questions

  • How do we currently promote a culture of positive relationships in our setting?

  • How do our values relate to positive relationships day to day?

  • What visual prompts/reminders do we have in place to reinforce the message that our setting is based on respect for each other?

  • What do children and young people in our setting tell us they need to create a culture where bullying is never acceptable and isn’t allowed to thrive?  

going further

  • On June 13 we are holding a #ChooseRespect Live! Event in Glasgow – we can’t wait to see you if you are making it along. If you’re NOT coming, you can still get involved!

    • The first part of our event will be live streamed, why not get a group set up to watch and take part? Details will follow soon about how you can do that.

    • Use the day to showcase your own achievements in your school and tag us in any photos or videos you share. Find us on Twitter at here and on Facebook here.

  • We’re already raring to go for Anti-Bullying Week November 2019 - can you and the young people you work with help us develop our next campaign? We are looking for schools and youth groups to visit early in the 2019/20 school year to help us test and shape the campaign. Please get in touch with Una at if you would like to get involved with this.

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