The campaign resources support delivery of many of the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence. More detail about this is contained within each resource. They will also support the self-evaluation process outlined in the How Good Is Our School framework, particularly around Quality Indicator 3.1: Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion.

  1. I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others. HWB 0-05a / HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a / HWB 3-05a / HWB 4-05a
  2. I recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs. I contribute to making my school community one which values individuals equally and is a welcoming place for all. HWB 0-10a / HWB 1-10a / HWB 2-10a / HWB 3-10a / HWB 4-10a
  3. Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my school and wider community. HWB 0-13a / HWB 1-13a / HWB 2-13a / HWB 3-13a / HWB 4-13a
  4. I reflect on how my attitudes, beliefs, values and morality can influence my decisions about friendships, relationships and sexual behaviour. HWB 3-46a / HWB 4-46a
  5. I recognise that we have similarities and differences but are all unique. HWB 0-47a / HWB 1-47a