kilmaurs primary case study

During our 2018 anti-bullying roadshow we visited Kilmaurs Primary School in Kilmarnock, and attended one of the many #ChooseRespect workshops taking place within the school.

The pupils, ranging from P1 to P7, have all been taking part in lessons designed to help them understand more about self-reflection, and how their own experiences influence them when acting in a respectful manner and ultimately choosing respect through their actions and words.

The children were asked to think about their own values, experiences and emotions, as well as how connected they feel to others. This provoked them to think about how their behaviours can impact their peers.

The learnings that were gained from this session will be built upon over the course of the school year as Kilmaurs Primary School pupils have all signed the pledge to continue taking part in the #ChooseRespect campaign.


Over the coming months, the campaign will build on Self Reflection within another three stages – building on every stage and equipping young people with the tools they need to build positive relationships.

These next three stages are: Celebrating Difference in January, Building Empathy in March and finally Positive Relationships in May. We hope Kilmaurs Primary School pupils have benefitted from the specially designed primary school resources, and the conversations that have been taking place about #ChooseRespect will have a lasting impact.

The campaign has also provided extra support for teachers, with the learning materials enabling educators to approach bullying effectively and sensitively.

Remember, it’s not too late to get your school or youth group involved in the campaign. To participate, follow the link to sign up.