How one Midlothian school is supporting #ChooseRespect

Pupils from Dalkeith High School are taking the lead in a bid to address bullying after hosting the respectme team in class, where they delivered specially designed workshops as part of the #ChooseRespect campaign.

The school is really passionate about the campaign, with the ethos of choosing respect resonating with the team responsible for delivering the school’s anti-bullying work.

Gail Preston, Depute Head Teacher of Dalkeith High School said: “One thing I'm really passionate about in school is building positive relationships across the school community –developing this is my over-arching purpose across everything I do in leading pupil support.


“The right relationships lead to positive mental health, increased engagement and, ultimately, higher attainment. Respect is at the heart of positive relationships but it's important to really unpick what we mean by that term. Respect isn't something you earn, it should be an unconditional part of what it is to be human. “The simplicity of the campaign really appealed to us. I often reflect with my young people that we don't all have to be friends, we don't all have to like each other, but we do all have to share the same space respectfully.”

As part of their anti-bullying work, the school is supporting a group of peer supporters from senior years to deliver important anti-bullying messages to younger year groups. This approach acknowledges the value and benefits that peer to peer conversations and learning can bring.

This an example of fantastic work from Dalkeith High School that they hope will have a lasting effect on the entire school community. As each of the remaining phases of the campaign are launched (Celebrating Difference - January, Building Empathy - March, Positive Relationships - May), there will be a suite of free assets available to download throughout You can join the #ChooseRespect community at any time! Sign up here.