Welcome to the SECOND stage of the respectme #ChooseRespect journey

‘Celebrating Difference’ posters and other social media assets are now available for download. Download the stage 2 posters and display them somewhere prominent, your classroom, entrance hall, recreational area – somewhere people will see them!


About This stage

We all have similarities and differences – and we are each completely unique. That’s why it’s so important to accept ourselves and others for who we each are. Celebrating our differences and addressing bullying, leads to respect, fairness and a more positive environment for all.



It is natural to notice the things that make us each different from each other – whether it is our hair colour, ethnicity, height or gender. However, when people are treated disfavourably because of something that makes them perceived to be different, it can lead to discrimination or prejudice based bullying.

to help you unpack the idea of celebrating difference with the young people you work with. They do this by focusing on some important issues for young people like stereotypes, racism, appearance-related bullying and LGBT inclusion.

By celebrating our differences we can help create cultures where every young person feels valued and respected. We all have a role to play, and as part of this next stage of the #ChooseRespect campaign, new resources have been developed in partnership with expert organisations


How to use these education and learning resources to improve practice


These resources are designed to help you spark conversation and inspire action among children and young people in your setting.

It’s recommended that all four stages of the #ChooseRespect campaign are completed. The first stage of the #ChooseRespect campaign is on ‘self-reflection’ – if you haven’t used these resources already you can find them here.

This campaign is designed to be delivered within a whole-setting approach to anti-bullying. For more information on the many ways to prevent and respond to bullying, visit


Making the link to curriculum for excellence

The campaign resources support delivery of many of the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence. More detail about this is contained within each resource.

They will also support the self-evaluation process outlined in the How Good Is Our School framework, particularly around Quality Indicator 3.1: Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion.



Here are some questions that might help you think about the practice in your setting, and how the #ChooseRespect campaign can help contribute to improvement.

To what extent do we help children and young people recognise, accept and celebrate similarities and difference and diversity?

To what extent does the culture and ethos in our setting focus on the prevention of bullying through promoting equality and fairness?

How effectively do we address any prejudiced attitudes we identify in our setting’s community?

How does this work link to the protected characteristics as outlined in the Equality Act (2010)?



Here are some more ideas to help you keep up momentum of your anti-bullying work…

Have you been on respectme anti-bullying training? Sign up to attend our free, one-day ‘Bullying is Never Acceptable’ training programme for professionals working with children and young people.

Would you like to arrange an anti-bullying information session for parents and carers in your school or club community? Get in touch with us to find out how we can support this.

Here are some links to more resources that may be helpful to use in your setting to help explore the theme of celebrating difference. Note these resources have not been developed by respectme and we are not responsible for their content.


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