#ChooseRespect helps bring Carolside Primary School’s values to life

A big thank you to Carolside Primary School in Clarkston, who invited us along to join their anti-bullying journey.

Carolside Primary School has been doing a lot of work this year in terms of revising its anti-bullying policy, looking how best it can embed the messages of respect and proactive strategies across the school to promote positive relationships.

One of the school’s three values is ‘respect’, with teachers able to link this to #ChooseRespect materials to help hone in on the meaning of respect for pupils, and inspire a proactive, respectful school community.


Carolside Primary Head Teacher Bryan McLachlan said: “One of our school values here at Carolside is ‘respect’ and the #ChooseRespect campaign has been a great vehicle for us to further explore this value in school. Children have participated in lots of learning experiences surrounding the concept of reflecting on our own behaviour and making positive choices to demonstrate respect.” Joining their #ChooseRespect assemblies and conversations provided huge insight, and we met some of their anti-bullying ambassadors who said: “Bullying is wrong because it spreads a negative ripple effect, and it makes people feel really sad and a little upset.”

“I think bullying is wrong because sometimes if you get bullied you don’t want to tell anybody. You just want to hide away in a corner and don’t want to talk to anybody.”

“I think bullying is bad because it leaves a negative vibe around people and makes people feel bad about themselves.”

“With respect, if we didn’t have it, nobody would be happy at school – and everyone should be happy at school otherwise no one would want to come”

Many of the young people’s comments focused on how bullying can impact the lives of those around them, highlighting that pupils have really taken the learnings on board that have been central to the first phase of the campaign around self-reflection in which we have been exploring the impact bullying can have.