BOYS Brigade Company pledges to address bullying behaviours within company

‘As phase two of our #ChooseRespect campaign draws to a close we want to take a look back at some of the groups who are getting involved, pledging to address bullying across Scotland.

A rural group of The Boys’ Brigade pledged their commitment to #ChooseRespect by integrating anti-bullying workshops and exercises into its meetings in Millport, on the Scottish island of Cumbrae.

The group, made up of young people aged between 11 and 18, have been using the free teaching and learning resources to highlight and discuss anti-bullying themes such as inclusion, acceptance, celebrating difference, self-reflection and respect.

Jackie Wilson, Boys’ Brigade Development Worker and also a volunteer leader with the Millport group, said: “It’s really important for all young people to learn about respect and inclusion of their peers and community but especially so for young people who live in rural communities or, like ours, island communities.

“For The Boys’ Brigade, we want young people to discover more about themselves and the world around them, realise what they are capable of and how their voice can be heard – and that has to include self-respect and respecting others.

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is a national Christian children’s and youth work organisation, giving young people aged 5 - 18 the fun place to learn and develop skills and interests through an informal, progressive and varied programme.

Jackie continued: “When young people from Millport go to secondary school they join mainland schools and young people from different backgrounds, and we want to make sure that our young people are as aware of different cultures and people in different circumstances as anybody on the mainland.

“But let’s not forget, young people these days are in no way unaware of diverse issues – social media and the internet has really helped to make the island’s young people more connected to the wider world.

“I believe these sessions are a great way to reinforce to young people the model behaviours they should be mirroring in their real lives and the respect they should be showing to everybody that they come into contact with.”   

Our 2019 anti-bullying campaign, #ChooseRespect, builds on last year’s Anti-Bullying Week conversation about what respect means to young people and adults. The campaign this year launched during Anti-Bullying Week in October 2018 and runs until June 2019.


Split across four stages, the campaign aims to build young people’s understanding of key behaviours including respect and how to address bullying behaviours that they might witness. The four stages of the campaign are: Self Reflection (launched in October 2018), Celebrating Difference (launched in January 2019), Building Empathy (launching in March 2019) and Positive Relationships (launching in June 2019).

By signing up to this year’s campaign, education and youth work practitioners will gain access to new tools that help young people fully understand what respect means, and the impact it can have on others.

Those who ‘pledge’ their support are also encouraged to nominate others who work with young people to ensure a far a reach as possible.