Last year during Anti-Bullying Week, adults and young people from across Scotland shared what #respectmeans to them on a day to day basis. Themes emerged like: inclusion; equality; kindness; treating others as we would like to be treated; and, ultimately, being free from bullying.


It’s clear we all agree that respect should be at the heart of how we treat each other – both face to face and online.

However too many children and young people in Scotland today still experience bullying that strips them of their rights and feelings of control. Knowing what respect means doesn’t always translate into respectful behaviour.

Every day we make decisions about how we act towards others and while choosing respect isn’t always easy, it’s ultimately our decision.

Our campaign aims to support professionals working with young people – teachers, youth workers, sports leaders and many more – to help create more respectful cultures in their settings.

Anti-Bullying Week is a great starting point, but this work is so important it deserves to be discussed throughout the entire year. That’s why this year we’ve designed a campaign that will help you keep up the momentum of your great work by building on conversations and progressing ideas. 

Our campaign will take you on a journey; breaking down the broad concept of #ChooseRespect into four stages: 

  • Self-reflection (live)

  • Celebrating Difference (coming in January)

  • Building empathy (coming in March)

  • Positive relationships (coming in May)

As we reach each stage, a series of resources and activities will be launched to help you explore each theme in more detail. 

By taking the pledge to join our #ChooseRespect journey you’ll receive reminders and education and learning resources, be inspired by your fellow #ChooseRespect community and be invited to a national finale event in June 2018.

The finale event will be an opportunity to showcase your achievements from across the year, and if you can’t wait until then there will be ongoing opportunities to share your work too. We would love to hear what you’ve been doing, or better yet to come out and visit your setting to see it in action. 

Contact enquire@respectme.org.uk


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